Thursday, July 31, 2008

Martek life's DHA supplements ARE NOT VEGETARIAN

Have already written about how vital DHA omega-3s are, and how vegetarians would have difficulty obtaining enough of this essential fatty acid (efa).

At first glance, Martek's life's DHA supplements would seem to be a great answer to the dearth of vegetarian sources of DHA. A single capsule contains a day's worth of DHA. And the company makes a point of how their DHA is vegetarian sourced (from marine algae).

However, Martek has chosen to encapsulate their supplements using gelatin capsules (also containing glycerine). [Gelatin and glycerine are listed in the "Other Ingredients" section.] So, basically they're catering to people who either aren't fond of fish, or who don't want the mercury that often accompanies fish. The vegetarians and vegans get screwed again.


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